Trusting The Process

Hey readers! It’s been a while since my last post…*hides my face in shame* I do apologize for the lack of consistency! 😅 From this moment on, I will be doing my utmost best to post bi-weekly 🙇🏽‍♂️ as I have a lot of stories to share and topics to discuss—which brings me to this very post!

Although October is my birth month, it wasn’t very kind to me this year…Buuuut then again this whole year has done just the same! I suppose, for my birth month, I was expecting some forgiveness from the universe and God, and I can say that I did receive it…for a week 😂.

For the past two months, I have been sorting out some plans to secure a better future for myself. With September being full of steps and checkmarks, October had hurdles, upon hurdles for me to surmount—hell, it has left me with one major hurdle that I am still trying to surmount. Alas, I am being hopeful and working towards overcoming this hurdle; I am also “trusting the process” which is a phrase I learnt from Jamaican Twitter. And let me tell you, it’s hard!!!

Putting in the Work

Although this phrase is new to me, the concept behind it is all too familiar. Trusting the process simply translates to having faith or believing that things will work out. Anyone who has tried or successfully executed any of these three phrases, will tell you that is is hard and that it can be the ultimate test of your patience and your belief in the divine.

But before we trust the process, we have to put in the work. Ask yourself: have I gone the extra mile to achieve this goal? Or: what have I really done to make this happen? In the words of an old Christian Jamaican woman: Gad elp enibadi uu elp demself [God helps anyone who helps themselves]. Therefore, how can we be positive about the outcome, yet we failed to put in the work to achieve said outcome? That is akin to a farmer hoping for a harvest that he did not sow! I believe Mrs. Britney Spears said it best:

You want a hot body?
You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati?
You better work b!tch

Being Positive

After we have put in the work, we now have to quite literally, trust the process. For each win I scored, big or small, in true Jamaican fashion, I said “tank yo, Jeesas!” [thank you, Jesus!]. I said thank you and I patted myself on the shoulder for making it this far. I then plan my next move towards achieving my grand goal. Trusting the process means we have to exude positive energy and thinking towards our goals, and hope that we will receive the same. We must never allow negative energy and thinking to corrupt our minds, as this may result in our plans being foiled before our very eyes. Plus, it can lead to us feeling sad and depressed, and that isn’t cute.

Now, I know you’re saying “but I’ve done all of that! Nothing is working!” For this one, I believe Mrs. Jordan Sparks says it best:

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen and it’s
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time

I reference this song to you because during my times of questioning the process and my goal, it came to me. And it was at that moment, of all my now 22 years of life, that I learnt the value of taking one step at a time. My mother recited an old Jamaican proverb last week which reads: Wat is fi yuh, kyaa be un fi yuh. Which means what is yours, will always be yours. I have realised that throughout my life I had always faltered at the presence of gigantic obstacles, because I was scared and I lacked confidence.

The experience is what matters

One last thing before I go… Sometimes the goals we want are just are not for us, and we should realise this. Now, this does not mean that everything you do is a waste of time! No-no! It means that we should learn from the experience, because what IS for us, could very well be right around the corner and this experience could be preparing us for something greater. Hiking a mountain is no small feat. The raise in altitude makes your lungs gasp for air, your body shivers from the cold, your legs wobble and weaken due to the stress, but the view!!!! The view makes it all worth it.

For those of you who are curious about my future plans, I will be sharing them come early next year, so stay tuned!

What about you? How has trusting the process made you feel? Has it worked? Share your experiences below!

6 thoughts on “Trusting The Process

  1. I’ve definitely learned the importance of trusting the process. But even better than trusting the process is putting the right process in place, so that what you’re actually trusting is the momentum and the strength of your contingency plans. I can’t tell you how many obstacles I had to get past to be traveling full-time and I’m eternally grateful.

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    1. Ah yes, thanks for this addition 🤔. We have to be smart and realistic about our goals and contingencies assist.

      Your story is one of persistence, and hard work nah lie. Motivation at its finest!


  2. Very nice.. Funny thing is that what you wrote is exactly what I decided to do 4 years ago and I can honestly say it works.. My life feel like it just blessings all the time.

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