Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

In December 2019, a new virus (or so we thought) sprung from the city of Wuhan, in China’s province, Hubei. News articles every week reported mysterious deaths from the virus as China’s doctors tried to get a handle of the situation.

The virus was found to be a new strain of the coronavirus and it was dubbed COVID-19, which means: Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Although the virus started in Wuhan, China, as Cardi B says in her video regarding the current pandemic, the virus seems to be on a tour. COVID-19 has now infected the Caribbean and Latin America, with approximately 207 (and more as of March 16, 2020) cases in total! (Statista, 2020).

Jamaica received her first infection on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 with a woman’s arrival from the UK (now a hotspot for the virus). With each passing day, our confirmed cases grew by the 1s, 2s and 5s. Now, we have confirmed cases of 15!

Jamaica’s PM, quotes us the current confirmed cases of the virus.

Jamaica’s response to the COVID-19 threat has been a fairly good one; considering the resources that our government has, it is to be applauded. As often as five days a week, two times a day, there has been press conferences where Prime Minister, The Most Hon. Andrew Holness and Minister of Health, The Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, have addressed the nation as confidently as they could regarding this issue.

Social Media

Now that COVID-19 has landed on our shores, of course social media has been in a frenzy.

Just like the #WWIII tweets, Jamaicans are creating memes left, right and centre regarding the COVID-19 threat. Essentially, we’re finding the silver lining (or the comical doom) in our current situation.

Here are some tweets showing how if “laugh in the face of danger was a country” is truly, Jamaica:

A video displaying wild antics at UWI Carnival, 2020.
Okay, this one is my fave LOL.

Unfortunately, Miss Corona, is here and she may be for a while. So, what do we do?

  • Observe proper hygiene
    Be careful not to overdo this by mixing chemicals that should not be mixed! It makes no sense we try to eliminate these micro-organisms, and harm ourselves in the process.
  • Maintain emotional rationality
    When fear steps in the door of our minds, rationality tends to take a jump outside of the window. I beg of you, hold to it as much as you can.
  • STOP SHARING FALSE CHAIN MESSAGES (yes mommy, I’m looking at YOU)
    When we share false information, we add to the panic! And that makes life harder for all of us. Whatever you see/receive, research it first! The World Health Organization’s website exists for a reason!
  • Follow the guidelines given to us by the Ministry Of Health and the Prime Minister.
    These are to help keep us safe. So, please try to follow!
  • Stop Panic Shopping
    When we buy out the necessary cleaning supplies, how does our neighbor get theirs? If they become infected, we risk ourselves of infection too!

In closing, stay safe on these streets, keep up the hygiene and remember to use your brains and think! Just like Chick-V and Zika, we will get through this, together 🙏🏽

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